Sónar+D Istanbul

Sónar+D Talk: Sculpting the Truth with Augmented Reality by Furkan Temir & Levent Erden


  • Saturday 07 16:00 - 17:00

    Sónar by Day - Lounge+D by Digilogue

When producing the digital image, we get our inspiration from reality. Render engines, digital photographs and many more are the inventions of engineering world that creates the laws of physical world in a hyper-real digital world. In time, some new media artists started to work on a post-aesthethic understanding. The post-truth age born in US was the topic of every conversation, did they think that machines can actually effect reality? In the days of augmented reality (or new reality in that sense) what else is there for art, trade and entertainment sectors? In this talk, the main topic will be .USDZ, the format that makes a file universal.