Sónar+D Istanbul

Sónar+D Installation: New Ancestors - Extended Notes on the Riot by Eda Sütunç


  • Saturday 07 10:00 - 19:00

    Sónar by Day - Lounge+D by Digilogue

Video/Sculpture Installation

New Ancestors: Extended Notes on the Riot by Eda Sütunç

Throughout history, mythologies have provided explanations for humankind’s existential surroundings through collective beliefs and shared verbal and visual narratives. 

Mythologies have been an inspiration to artists as a thematic repertoire preserved and evolved to address and reinterpret.

Through motifs and patterns women tell their stories in the tapestry the have woven.

The person who weaves the tapestry adds her own feelings to the loops, there is a story that every stitch tells. Most of the time, this labor is laid under the feet, and the story is not heard, seen or known. This series, which interrogates the relationship between women and cybernetics, is about weaving women and cybernetics, and is also weaving women and cybernetics together. It is the practice of creating a modern myth by reinterpreting the motifs in the rugs with new media arts. It aims to break the patriarchal storytelling with technology and write a new story. It aims to create a modern myth through installation and video by taking the artistic traces of the motifs in the rugs.