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Sónar+D Demo: Suddenly Exposed by Yalın Deniz Özcan, Anıl Ulaş Özcan, Ozan Tezvaran


  • Saturday 07 10:00 - 19:00

    Sónar by Day - Lounge+D by Digilogue

If we are to prove that we as human beings are not quite like boiling frogs, we need to go beyond being aware of what the Earth has been undergoing: climate change and global warming. Making the very sound of air pollution may well be one but efficient way of taking action on this issue; and this project departs from a very simple but key question: how would a planet whose ecosystem has been damaged sound like? We therefore chose synthesiser as the main instrument to evoke a dark and dystopic world in its own right and converted the data (collected primarily from the stations located in fifteen major cities in Turkey) of such particles as PM 2.5 and PM 10, as well as O3, NO2, SO2 and CO, which cause hazardous changes in pulmonary surfactant, into some certain synthesiser parameters.