Oceanvs Orientalis / Ex Nihilo (Live Av)

Oceanvs Orientalis / Ex Nihilo (Live Av) / TR

  • Friday 06 21:45 - 23:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub by %100 Music

A Melodious Journey Throughout The Universal History

Founded by Safak Oz Kutle, Oceanvs Orientalis is a formation that aims to challenge the aesthetic perception in electronic music. It blends itself with the archaeologic tunes of mankind’s cumulative musical history and in this very context believes that “everything comes from the east”.

Despite being an electronic-based formation -due to practical reasons- at the moment, he intends to transform music into a dance (to move the body and feet to music) orchestra where each instrument is played by its own instrumentalist. His first thematic album “EX NIHILO” tells 10 different stories of 10 breaking points from the history of the universe. From the planetary scale to the human dimension. The story begins with the song of the Big Bang (EX NIHILO) and continues focusing on the first formation of the Solar System (Birth of the Sun), The Earth (THE EARTH SONG) and the story of Homo Sapiens (AQUATIC APE) and so on. A film created by 10 different artists under the creative direction of Elif Demirci aka Datafobik will accompany the performance.