Max Cooper Live AV

Mesh / IE

  • Saturday 07 23:15 - 00:30

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub by %100 Music

Dance music synthesis

As the lines between genres dissolve completely, so do the barriers between disciplines, with science and the arts working in ever closer harmony. Much of this cross-pollination seems to take place on the dancefloor with a number of scientifically trained producers inspired by and creating contemporary club music that pushes the boundaries of thought and feeling. Northern Irish producer (and geneticist) Max Cooper will play a solo live show at Sónar Istanbul, where he’ll be synthesizing his own unique take on dance music.

First garnering attention as a DJ and remixer at the turn of the decade, with each successive release Cooper has succeeded in expanding the palette of dance music. Concerned as much with the minutiae of sound design as he is with the communal euphoria of big room breaks, his 2019 release “Parting Ways” -tells the story of creation via endless division- is yet another treatise in a career focused on bringing people, and disciplines, together.