Dökk by Fuse


  • Friday 06 22:15 - 22:50

    Sónar by Night - SonarHall

Dökk, which means “dark” in Icelandic, is a dance performance using real-time data designed with special software. Audiovisual performance, the product of Italy's most innovative art, science and art studio fuse *, is also known as a live media opera. Performance of both choreographer and dancer Elena Annovi; combines heartbeat and emotional analysis of content shared on social networks. This stunning and real-time computing is visualized simultaneously with 3D projection. They are reflected on the transparent screen with shapes that resemble an atomic part or electronic magnets. Visual and auditory interactive performance Dökk is unique in the sense that the data is constantly changing. Starting with inspiration from the unpredictability of life, Dökk combines the invisible connection between us, light and sound, making it bright. The fuse * team said, “Dökk contains a lot of secret messages and metaphors, but it was the interdependence that led us the most during the design phase. Everything on the stage is interdependent. In this way, we create an emotional analysis algorithm. ” This surrealist work, which is strengthened by the performance of dancer Elena Annovi, emerges in the balance between light and dark and provides a journey to the subconscious. Annovi gives the feeling of dancing in the air during the performance. The stage becomes an area where it is possible to lose the sense of space and time.

Dökk emerged from the desire to discover the emotional impact of new digital technologies by a team of Italian sound engineers, artists, musicians, and technicians. It came across the audience as a real-time dance show by establishing a new interaction between light, space, sound, and movement.

The music of Dökk is designed to provide the narrative voice that accompanies the entire show, making it possible through sound to recount a whole series of emotions and states of mind that it would be hard to describe in words.