Sónar Istanbul audio-visual shows announced!


Sónar Istanbul, which will take place at Zorlu PSM on March 8th and 9th for the 3rd time, will bring music, creativity, and technology together. Along with hosting the most thrilling DJs and producers from the local & international electronic music scenes, Sónar Istanbul announced the unique, experience and atmosphere oriented audio-visual (AV) shows of the program.

TUNDRA collective, with their laser audio-visual performance; Italian artist Caterina Barbieri, with her minimal modular show; Martin Messier, with his performance that examines objects under a microscope; multimedia artist Ali Demirel and pianist Kaan Bulak who united forces for an audio-visual show; Memo Akten with his interactive installation; Push 1 Stop with its audio and light experience that challenges perception and illusion; Tolga Boyuk, who will add feelings to an educational botanic video using sounds; and many more remarkable artists will be at Sónar Istanbul with the contributions of Digilogue.

Sónar Istanbul, which will take place at Zorlu PSM on March 8th and 9th for the 3rd time, will host exceptional shows of new media artists, thanks to the venue’s technical and architectural infrastructure. The shows will take place at SonarScreen, which is a 30x6 meters long LED screen and SonarHall stage. 

A sneak peek into the future through audio-visual shows

Sónar Istanbul, an experience-oriented festival that brings music, creativity, and technology together; announced its audio-visual performances.  “Nomad”, the latest project of St.Petersburg based artist collective TUNDRA, attracts attention with multimedia performances and audio-visual shows that focus on human feelings; Caterina Barbieri’s modular show that shines out with its usage of machine intelligence and audio perception; “Blossom”, the improvised audio performance of Tolga Boyuk, who won the talent award at “Montreux Jazz Festival” in 2018; interactive new media artist Push 1 Stop and Wiklow’s “Membrane” project which is a reflection of ultra-reality; “Ashes”, the latest project of Yro and Martin Messier who use electromechanics for performances; “Impromptu Rockforms”, the collaboration of multimedia artist Ali Demirel, who is the stage designer of Richie Hawtin, and Kaan Bulak, one of the rising pianists of the local scene; C/A’s show “Claire” which uses deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies, dedicated to the famous artist Grimes; “NOS”, a show by NOS Visuals, which produces visual shows with their own special software, and musician Gökalp Kanatsız; “Wave: a metanarrative”, a performance by new media artist Ali Bozkurt and Tolga Böyük; new media artist Ahmet Said Kaplan and audio designer Alican Okan’s show “Delight”, will offer exceptional experiences for the Sónar Istanbul visitors.

“Body Paint”, the 16 meters long interactive project of Memo Akten, who works on complex systems, behaviors, algorithms, and software, will be at Digilogue Space as part of Sonar+D.


Sónar Istanbul’s packed program

Modeselektor, one of the guests of honor in the first edition of Sónar Istanbul, sets its route to Istanbul again. The duo, consisting of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, took the stage at Sónar Barcelona, which celebrated its 25th birthday this year. Now, they are getting ready to meet the Istanbul audience, with a dance-focused live set pushing the limits of imagination. Preserving their tradition, the duo released their 4th compilation album last June. They announced their new album “Who Else” with a brand-new song called “Wealth” last month. The new album, which will be released by Monkeytown Records, will be out on the 22nd of February. The duo will greet electronic music fans with their brand-new album at Sónar Istanbul.

Sónar Istanbul will host talented producers, DJs, and bands which have left a prominent mark on the electronic music scene. The other names on the exciting line-up include: Belgrade’s most precious gift to the electronic music scene, DJ and producer Tijana T; Ben Frost, who will present a unique festival experience with his special, 360° live performance; Berghain’s resident DJ Kobosil, who is famous for his hypnotizing techno sets; German techno trio FJAAK, who are under the wings of Monkeytown Records; Swedish producer who gave a meaning to lo-fi house music, DJ Seinfeld; the low-fi and minimal member of house music, qgom’s South Africa representative DJ Lag; an avant-garde electronic project from Tunusia, Deena Abdelwahed; Matador, who has a strong place in the electronic music scene; Swedish ambient-techno producer The Field; DJ Stringray, who is the techno and old-school electro” representative of Detroit; Octa Octa, the address for the improvised and unexpected sounds; Brooklyn underground scene’s dominant name Volvox; British producer and musician Gazelle Twin who has a unique place in the music scene with her avant-garde musical attitude; the Domino Records artist George Fitzgerald who blends melancholy with electronic music successfully; HAAi, the Australian musician that mixes house, techno, afro, acid, and disco exceptionally; Bicep, who proved themselves with their production skills that reflects different genres; Henrik Schwarz, who has been active since the 90’s; and Lauren Garnier, who is shown as the maestro of the French electronic music scene.

The further details of Sónar Istanbul will be announced soon.