Audio-Visual Program of Sónar+D Is Announced!


Sónar +D, the international conference and performance series which aims to capture the relationship between creativity & technology and to discover the digital transformations of cultural industries, will also feature esteemed conferences and events on March 24 and 25th as a part of Sónar Istanbul! The Pier, the first installment to Ali Demirel's post-apocalyptic distopia series; Shiro, the audiovisual installation of NONOTAK Studio; Rame, Francesco Tosini's project which was created by using feedback sounds of analog video; Supercodex, a follow-up to Dataplex and Test Pattern, two former albums of Japanese electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda; Asphodel, the audiovisual performance of experimental artist Atay İlgün which relies heavily on spontaneity; Modular Ambient Live Set, a collaboration of NOHLAB's visual works and Cem + RG's energetic sets; and the exhibition of Audint, which has produced installations, recordings, performances, books and films since 1945, will all be at Sónar Istanbul at March 24th and 25th as a part of Sónar +D!