workshop: magic 101 by doub.co (ezgi nazlı & berkay sargın)


Design process of Doub.co can be summarized as fluid, focused, and magical. We love inquiring, sticking with the matter until utter persuasion, and arousing a particular feeling.
A product can cause a different perception than others at the moment of experience and we call it magic.
We’d like to discuss and look into this enigmatic concept together with participants, on the basis of design philosophy.
We will hold the workshop to observe the differences between our simulation and our principals.
The workshop will form an idea about the ways and reasons for design decisions, design systems, and how we can build them.

A collective consciousness.
Doubts, dreams, creates new experiences or helps them to be created.
Strews, collects and develops along the process.
Formed by feathered, winged, leafed and intelligent life forms, Doub.co continues to exist while evolving.

1 Instructions
- 20 min.
2 Choosing the product and the concept
- 10 min. - 2x5 min.
3 Simulation
- 9 Visuals
- 90 min. - 9x10 min.
4 Break
- 20 min.
5 Choosing the final product
- 50dk. - 10x5dk.
6 Observation/Discussion on the process
- 50 min.
Scheduled 4 hours

Maximum 10 people.