workshop: building your audiovisual performance setup with multimedia programming by kerem demirayak (karakter)


Create Your Live Audiovisual Setup using Ableton / MaxMSP / Resolume + Jam session and performance by KARAKTER
In this workshop we will be working on creation of projects that are live audio-visual performances. We will be using using Ableton Live as a sound and main control source, and will make it communicate with MaxMSP and Resolume Arena. We will be exploring advanced MIDI features, and will be learning how to use this medium to generate & alter visuals in a live performance context. This information will give an insight on how to use these kinds of setups for autonomous audio-reactive visuals and installations.
•Introduction to main live performance features of Ableton & MaxMSP software, including examples related to an audio-reactive visual system design. Preparation of a global live set and a basic Jitter patch for starting communication. Soundflower & Syphon inter-application audio-routing, MIDI & IAC Bus.
•Designing small visuals systems in Jitter and V-Synth. Using pre-existing videos, webcam input and realtime 3D rendering.
•Generating and altering visuals: Using music data (MIDI, Tempo, OSC) and sound descriptors (Frequency Peaks & Equalizers). Optimizing controllers and sound routing.
•Finalizing our systems and steps for preparing a small audiovisual performance.

* The participants are required to bring laptops. 
Jam session for workshop participants + A/V performance by Karakter:
The 22-year-old artist/producer Karakter is the youngest member of Sony Music’s Epic Istanbul, influencing and promising a new generation of creators. A conversation between eastern storytelling and western production styles using MPC sampling techniques blended to lush and ambient sounds, Karakter’s sound is future cinematic, experimental and old school ; with the likes of Photay, Flying Lotus and Max Cooper.
His earlier bedroom produced demos got discovery and support from BBC Introducing. He later pursued his education at Unis Academy leading to a Masters degree in Music Production and Technology at Berklee College of Music where he developed his skills and personal live set. Karakter showcased his audiovisual live performance in international festivals like “Festival Les Arts (Valencia, Spain), AV Node Rome, İstanbul Experimental Film Festival and Zorlu PSM Digilogue + Mix Festival.
Karakter Instagram: @karaktermusic
Karakter Live at Zorlu PSM Digilogue LED Stage: