The Field


  • Saturday 09 01:05 - 02:50


Minimal Techno Stalwart

Born in southern Sweden, Swedish minimal techno stalwart The Field’s Axel Willner spent his formative years living in Stockholm and Lisbon, studying both at a formal music academy and in the moshpit, citing bands like Misfits and Dead Kennedys as inspiration to pick up the guitar and play in punk bands. Enamored with the burgeoning electronic music scene of the mid-90s, he started composing and playing drone- and Warp-influenced IDM, followed by guitar-based ambient music. Willner’s background in punk and avant-garde electronics came to full bloom with his widely acclaimed The Field project: signed to Kompakt in 2004, this monicker saw him constructing ambient techno based on a stoic motorik and a perpetually rotating hook.

On his latest album Infinite Moment via Kompakt, The Field explores a lighter atmosphere, crafting an album a press release asserts is “filled with hope and draped in a diffuse, appeasing light”.