talk: yapay zeka aramızda: yapay zeka sanatçı olabilir mi? by bager akbay & learnup

When we look at the reality of our questions, it may be more enjoyable to find answers to some of the questions we see. In thought experiments, the aim is not the journey to a place, but the journey itself. We can choose not only one of the options in our way. What is artificial? What is Consciousness? What is art? What does tir artist make “mean? While Bager Akbay questions the relationship between artificial intelligence and art in the scene, the artificial intelligence application called Learnup will direct the participants to their questions via their mobile phones and ask them to determine the course of the conversation. At the end of the one-hour session, participants will be able to chat with Bager via the chat application Learnup. Bager Akbay and Learnup are limited to the participation quota of this event. You must download Learnup before the event. You can download the app via indir App Store ın or ”Google Play / or by visiting ın learnup.io/download“ on your mobile device.