talk : tracing a generative realm: the artwork edge(s) by didem yalınay & seçkin maden

What happens when the interaction with a generative portrayal is half random half controlled? How would the experience be in a generative realm with a random protocol? What if you don’t know how the generative system will interact?
This presentation invites the audience for an experience of the generative realm of a semi-random protocol.
The artwork Edge(s) revealed itself through long years of study on what network is, based on the idea “people are nodes”. And beyond this, Deleuze states that ‘edges contain nodes’. We create edges with our actions and contained by what we create.
Edge(s) is a generative portrayal created by Didem Yalınay, Seçkin Maden, Cemal Koray Bingöl with the data of refugee health issue and commissioned by UN/WHO. With the refugee flux from Syria to Turkey, the most important problem was to provide health care. Artwork Edge(s) interwove the data of Refugee Health Program and realized the generative realm of nodes contained by their edges. This is the story of Edge(s), but what is our story here and now? What contains us right now?
During the presentation, we invite the audience to discover a real-time experience of the semi-random protocol that they are contained by the edges as nodes.