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Art of Techno

When you're talking about Kobosil today, you'll need to talk about life goals: to become an artist, to be an artist. Max Kobosil, born in 1991, grew up in Berlin in post-Wende times of structural change, he discovered Techno when it emerged from a subculture into modernity, from an early stage he was determined to contribute his share to the city and genre as well as coining both.

He built up a reputation outside of the city and country limits with his gusto for subtly hypnotic synth sounds, noise, ambient and especially the darker, more powerful variant form of Techno in no time. Furthermore, he proved himself as a versatile DJ since his debut in August 2013, skillfully combining new Techno records with genre classics, some acid, indie, and industrial tracks, while adding pressure to his expressive and emotive sets at the same time.