interactive installation : rhytm of the lower-angle by ozan tezvaran & kerem demirayak

According to absurdism, human beings -though they impulsively seek meaning in life- have a very low capacity to achieve pure meaning. Quitting the search for meaning is as impossible as to conquer it. Us humans can only feel secure when we believe in the meanings we give our surroundings. Giving meaning happens by perceiving and sensing as the major instruments of perception. That's why improving our senses is one of the best ways to help humanity on its absurd search.

A sample case of improving our senses is stimulating them simultaneously. Art forms and technology have been interacting with each other and transforming for centuries. Each cohesion offered a new perception and formed a new point of view. After two centuries of using electricity and electronic devices, new artistic forms of expression-perception are bond to technology with a navel cord. Contemporary fusions of forms and senses offer us endless opportunities.

“Rhythm of Low Angle” aims to illustrate the fragile boundaries between visual and aural formats with referencing how spending time with technological developments effects on our perception. Whatever we see around us has a melody, every vibration creates another image and every illuminated pattern creates another universe to explore.