installation : closed system by 3dörtgen + FOLT space

The production, distribution and use policies of technology tools can shape the people in the field of thought and creativity as well as in socio-economic context.

In particular, the technology tools of today's digital age open up to question the socio-cultural effects of developing production structures, unlike the structuralist and determinist perspectives that societies have built in their efforts to reshape technology.

The development of such technologies in hardware and software systems in a more equitable equilibrium would break the idea of technology as a closed system and start the era of creativity that Matt Ratto puts in the name of critical making. The multi-media installation named “Closed System” that we will place at the Sonar Istanbul 2019 Music, Creativity and Technology Festival as FOLT Space and 3Dörtgen will exhibit the creative and practical system perceptions of the critical making era through the analogy of Turkish coffee ritual.

The orientalist mysticism presented by the ritual of Turkish coffee fortune, which is seen as an important reflection of the cultures settled in the Middle East geography, has the effect of removing us from the material reality that we are bound to with the beliefs we have established momentarily. The importance of the coffee fortune for installation is based on the assumption that placing the cup upside down - until the coffee has cooled down - today has similar belief paradoxes with the digital mysticism we hear about closed system technologies.

With this installation in which microcontroller and 3D printing technologies are combined, the audience will have the opportunity to experience a critical mystical reflection of the creative production methods that today's closed system technologies can offer to the society.