Ben Frost – Widening Gyre (360° Live)

Mute / AU / IS

  • Friday 08 21:00 - 22:00

    SonarClub by %100 Music

Militant post-classical electronic music

Born in 1980 in Melbourne, Australia, Ben Frost relocated to Reykjavík Iceland in 2005. Working closely with friends Valgeir Sigurðsson and Nico Muhly, he formed the Bedroom Community record label/collective. His albums fuse intensely structured sound art with militant post-classical electronic music, shape-shifting physical power with immersive melody, concentrated minimalism with fierce, rupturing metal.

His various collaborations and alliances underline Frost’ s continuing fascination with finding ways of juxtaposing music, rhythm, technology, the body, performance, text, art, beauty, and violence, combining and coalescing the roles and procedures of various artistic disciplines in one place.

With Frost’s critically acclaimed 2017 LP The Centre Cannot Hold as a departure point, Widening Gyre combines the unique studio approach of the album into a new live performance concept; A powerful and highly volatile multi-point sound environment performed in the round. Created as part of a residency at ZKM Karlsruhe, Widening Gyre sees Frost dive deep into the physicality of spatialization. Synthesis, analog tape, and live guitars are all fed in real-time through an array of digital objects which relentlessly push and pull against one another in a new kaleidoscope of sonic ecology.

Sónar Istanbul is delighted to welcome Ben, to the 2019 edition of the festival where he'll present his incredible live show on a 360°stage.  Frost will perform from the center of the space with all channels of audio radiating out from that central point, louder and more physical than a jet engine.