artist talk : ben frost in conversation with alper bahçekapılı

  • Saturday 09 13:50 - 14:30

    Digilogue Stage

Alper Bahçekapılı
Starting his career via founding Lull Magazine; Alper Bahçekapılı wrote for some of the most prominent publications in Turkey such as Aktüel, BirGün, Sabah, Bant, XOXO, Blue Jean, Tempo, Istanbul Art News, Based Istanbul, 212 Magazine and Vogue Turkey. He was in the founding party of Rolling Stone Magazine's Turkish edition. Throughout his career he did interviews with many, including Kraftwerk, Morrissey, Yuval Noah Harari, and Damon Albarn. In addition to his’ journalism career, he worked at Nokia, Microsoft, and Pozitif in different roles with the main focus in content & marketing. He studied two different master’s degrees at Marmara University and Istanbul Bilgi University in the fields of Product Management & Marketing and Cultural Management.

Ben Frost
Born in 1980 in Melbourne, Australia, Ben Frost relocated to Reykjavík Iceland in 2005. Working closely with friends Valgeir Sigurðsson and Nico Muhly, he formed the Bedroom Community record label/collective. His albums fuse intensely structured sound art with militant post-classical electronic music, shape-shifting physical power with immersive melody, concentrated minimalism with fierce, rupturing metal.

His various collaborations and alliances underline Frost’ s continuing fascination with finding ways of juxtaposing music, rhythm, technology, the body, performance, text, art, beauty, and violence, combining and coalescing the roles and procedures of various artistic disciplines in one place.