The audio-visual performances presented by Digi.logue as part of Sónar Istanbul are announced


Sónar Festival is celebrating its 25th birthday this year, and Sónar Istanbul is going to host head-spinning DJ/producers of the electronic music scene in addition to a number of artists who bring creativity and technology together. At Sónar Istanbul, which will take place at Zorlu Performing Arts Center for the second time on 6 & 7 April, Digi.logue will present the AV program. The program includes Hakanaï, Adrien M & Claire B’s project that lights the mysteries of art, imagination and the real world; Hyper_Hologram, which presents the artificial intelligence and machine learning practices in a digital spell; Hero ヘロ, Onur Sönmez and Motoi Shimuzu’s second intercontinental collaboration after Mandalay installation; Daito Manabe + Satoshi Horii ' s project Phaenomena which creates a brand new experience with muscle movements; and Alvo Noto’s last project in which the artist creates a digital landscape on flawed electronic sounds. The artworks will take the guests to an audiovisual planet with digital traces.