Workshop: Video & LED Mapping by Avnode and Decol

  • Saturday 07 11:00 - 20:00

    +D Lounge by Digilogue

LED: Pixel Mapping LED technology in the performances arts. The technique ''Pixel Mapping'' is the use of software to map and replay media such as bitmaps or video on an array of lighting fixtures. The fixtures could be anything; moving spots, PAR cans, etc, but the use of colour mixing LED (inc Pixeline, Versa Tube or RGB LED) is a common and appealing technique. The workshop on Pixel MAPPING aims to transmit the knowledge necessary to approach to use these techniques for audiovisual installation, performances or any kind of event.


1- Presentation.

2- Pixel Mapping.

3- The Lighting.

 4- The LED. A revolutionary.

 5- Light Fixtures.

6- Power & Dimmers

 7- Communication protocols.

 8- Pixel Mapping Softwares and lighting consoles

9- Madmapper

10- Practices


AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018 is a cooperation project between 13 partners from 12 countries : Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom, aimed to promote and develop live video culture to European and worldwide audience with 14 events per year .

AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018 project foresees the production of 1 Meeting, 1 Audience Development Conference and 12 festivals for each of the following 3 years, besides 200 satellite events. Each festival will host 1 artist as extra feature, so at least 630 selected guest artists will be promoted by the partners across Europe.

AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018 will reach this estimated numbers over the 3 years, 3.000 artists, 500.000 people during the events and at least 10.000.000 of people with the communication plan. AVnode | LPM 2015 > 2018 offers a unique chance to be involved in full days of audiovisual performances, vjing, workshops, panel discussions & product showcases, bringing together an amazing community of vjs, audiovisual artists, new media practitioners and thinkers worldwide.

The cooperation project wants to support the development of the cultural and social values of Audio Visual Performing Arts with the artistic ambition to let that discipline to be the leader of the new century and at the same time become an institutional and policy referral for progressive and fast evolving fields of Digital Arts.

The partnership is based on the experiences and relations build since 2004 by the project leader. All partners are members of a wider network of organizations and this is the biggest project of this network that puts together 14 members events.

DECOL is abbreviation of Digital Experience Collective. 

Besides producing international arts and design projects, DECOL aims to effect 3 continent by evolving with its partners at all times, as well as being a school for the independent ‘digital art stage and design platform. At 2015, the first event of "Digital Experiences" series; VJ Torna Istanbul took place in Indigo on with attendance of VJs and audiovisual performers from 13 countries.  Same year DECOL started it’s life as a new media arts project with VCD department of İstanbul Bilgi University. Its structure is designed in a way to supply the needs of new media digital artists and entrepreneurs; by creating a secure environment, such as the new media lab. DECOL project funded by Istanbul Development Agency during 2014-2015 under the Creative Istanbul calls.

Workshop Requirements

Workshop will welcome at least 8 and at most 15 participants. 

At least some basic knowledge of graphical animation, video and photography is a prerequisite for attending the workshop. 

Participants are expected to participate with their laptops installed with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. 

To participate, please follow the link: https://goo.gl/forms/Yn9KmwJbdFfAnRWG3