Workshop: "Evhamı Muhafaza Etmek" UV Mapping Technique by FOLTspace and 3Dortgen

  • Saturday 07 11:00 - 16:00

    +D Lounge by Digilogue

Workshop: "Evhamı Muhafaza Etmek" UV Mapping Technique by FOLTspace and 3Dortgen

How do the media of reproduction and experience arising with an instinct to conserve position cultural objects? Does this instinct create a collective apprehension?

Today's technological advances and practices promise hope for the physical continuity of cultural objects. With the digitalization of cultural objects which physical dimensions are we deprived of? Can we say that the created virtual prospect can provide us the protection we desire? The matter to be stressed in the workshop and exhibition is whether digital transformation can be an answer to these structures that have been exposed to natural and human destruction. Are the opportunities of reproduction and conservation that are developing in digital space creating the conservation of our apprehension?

Experienced by the participants with "UV Mapping" technique, the digital transformation process has its origins in the tanning process of animal skin. The process of stretching the surface obtained by extending the skin plays an important role in obtaining the shape required for the material. Given this visual and technical resemblance, the participants and the audience are expected to question what kinds of shapes and values are these cultural objects transformed into, other than the conservation of the digitalized cultural objects?

 The sculptures on the east and west sides of Nemrut Mountain that represent the peace agreement with gods have been chosen as the above-mentioned cultural objects.

This insight of Nemrut Mountain bonding the religions and beliefs together could not be preserved and have been dreadfully damaged. At this workshop, the participants will aim to turn these damaged historical works first into the digital and then into the physical again, using the expressive design process. However, is it genuinely possible that these sculpture fragments can be preserved and conserved by utilizing the above-mentioned reproduction methods?

Who is FOLT Space?

FOLT Space is an independent art group with the desire to discover the unusual perceptional relationship types established between media objects and their own audience. FOLT is the abbreviated form of "Form Alterations". We target to address the process of creating spatial and situational awareness for the audience by examining the alteration methods of visual media.

For more information; www.folt.space


Atanur Andıç

Working as a Research Assistant at the department of VCD at Kadir Has University, Atanur Andıç is a student of Technology and Society Doctorate Programme at Özyeğin University. He is also the founding member and director of the independent art group named "Folt Space".

Cansu Nur Şimşek

Working as Assistant of the Department of VCS at Kadir Has University, Cansu Şimşek is a student of Master's Programme for Communication Sciences at the same University. She is also the founding member and curator of the independent art group named "Folt Space". She works as an exhibition coordinator at BLOK art space since 2015.

Emre Tunçel

Studying at the Department of Industrial Design at Kadir Has University, Emre Tunçel is the founder of sailing club at the same University. He is a photographer of !f İstanbul Independent Film Festival, short film cinematographer and a team member of independent art group named "Folt Space".


From 2013 onwards, a universal concept was created. 3Dörtgen is 3D printer, scanner and concept and technology store and cafe that offers design and products. 3D presentations, destructive software, activities and training sessions are organised according to new world's needs. 

Application Requirements

1) Participants should bring their own laptops

* Mouse is recommended.

2) Adobe Illustrator should be installed and working 

To participate please follow the link: https://goo.gl/forms/V80QuGsel3w4P6R42