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  • Friday 06 00:30 - 01:30

    SonarLab by Red Bull Music

A Great Landscape

The music of Zach Saginaw, also known as Shigeto, has always harbored a variety of different musical worlds. Sounds that come from jazz, hip-hop, funk and folk, and even IDM and a wide discography full of incredible electronic landscapes make Shigeto one of the youngest and most promising names of the internationally recognized label Ghostly International.

His debut album Full Circle was a culmination of his EPs, employing obsessive field recording and meticulous percussion to create sumptuous instrumental hip-hop. 2012s sophomore album Lineage was a musical journey through his heritage set to the sounds of jazz, hip-hop, funk and folk. And 2012’s No Better Time Than Now was an album about living in the moment, with songs that seemed to be harbingers of change and immediacy (“First Saturn Return,” “Soul Searching”). On Intermission, Saginaw places all of those disparate sounds side by side, offering a snapshot both of where he has been as an artist, as well as where he is going.