Realities+D "Simulacra" VR by VR FIRST BAU and BUGLAB

  • Saturday 07 10:00 - 20:30

    +D Lounge by Digilogue

Be surrounded by the music, watch the visuals you create - and interact with them.

Simulacra is a tool that helps you design virtual sound worlds with simple instruments. This empowers adept users to create abstract

instruments that are otherwise demanding in reality, integrate already known instruments, use rigid-bodies to create sound and many

other unimagined illustrations. Simulacra is a hyperinstrument that approaches musical instruments as haptic devices. Simulacra uses

machine learning techniques to create experimental instruments which gives musicians the ability to make music using completely new

sounds. It helps experience a cross between music and perception.


Particles (Spirits)

Control music with fluid simulation and volumetric particles .

Etherphone : We can play a 'theremin' like instrument with much freedom ,seeing its output as a 3D emission.

Traditional (Spatial)

The One Hand Sound : flute instrument controlled by gyroscope.


The light can be used as an instrument ,you can experiment with a virtual Laser Harp and draw your music on a projected wall