Onur Sönmez & Motoi Shimizu & Sinan Tınar


  • Friday 06 02:40 - 02:55


  • Saturday 07 00:50 - 01:05


hero ヘロ / onur sönmez & motoi shimizu & sinan tınar

Hero ヘロ is a site specific installation and Onur Sönmez and Motoi Shimizu’s second intercontinental collaboration. They claim that all people will be swallowed into the belly of the whale at some point in our lives. Motoi experienced the mind blowingly beautiful scene of a whale breaching out of the water off the coast of Réunion Island last summer. Onur Sönmez experienced the belly of the whale in Istanbul in October 2015.

What duo  wanted to do was to share their relaxing, abstract memories instead of an exhausting high-tech, shiny digital art. Hero ヘロ represents a calm transformation process. A necessary, sometimes dark and difficult step for all to face before continuing their journey towards unity.

Onur Sönmez

Onur Sönmez is a Munich based designer. He is currently working as an interface -interaction designer mostly for the automotive industry. His artistic works are predominantly experimental projects within the field of human - machine interaction. 

Motoi Shimizu

Motoi Shimizu is a programmer who wants to have close relation to data, pixels, and the Internet. As an alumni of IAMAS (International Academy of Media Art and Science, Japan) and SFPC (School for Poetic Computation, NY) Motoi co-founded backspacetokyo - a Tokyo based production posse which consists of programmers and artists. His current works concentrate on creating expressive real-time visuals and lighting concepts in collaboration with musicians.

Sinan Tınar

Sinan is a drummer for Athena and Gözyaşı Çetesi. He is also the co-founder of non-active electornic/punk duo Post Dial. He currently resides in Istanbul.