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streamline / nohlab

Streamline gets its inspiration from the forms designed to minimize the flow resistance on a surface, and presents an audio-visual experience representing the relationship between the behavioural patterns of the fluids and the surface.


Nohlab is a studio, focused on producing interdisciplinary experiences around art, design and technology. It builds a bridge between the digital and the physical reality, while examining the relationship of technology with art and design. It produces tools, designs and stories in which the connection between the human and technology reflects in many different ways.

The works of the studio have been in numerous international and national festivals & events such as OFFF Festival, TedX, Vivid Festival, Sonar Istanbul and received awards from ARS Electronica and Japan Media Arts Festival as well. The studio also worked with many brands and organizations including Chanel, Pink Floyd, Target, Audi, Nike, Scriabin museum, and EA Theater.

Nohlab is created by Candaş Şişman and Deniz Kader in 2011, who have been working together for a long time and decided to move past their previous work discipline and to a participative and sharing process.