Music With Arduino / BAU IDEA

  • Saturday 07 11:00 - 14:00

    +D Lounge by Digilogue

Synthesizer Practices with Arduino

The "Maker" culture saves lives in the music industry for a number of reasons. We usually invent things mostly because we are not able to find the best tool on the market, or because we want to make a difference. MIDI is a universe of its own and all we need to do to master it with our moves is to have an Arduino and some sensors at our disposal.

Arduino, in other words the micro-controller. Thanks to the easily-programmable Arduino interface, we will send the codes we have created to our micro-controller and learn to control effect tools, hardware/software synthesizers or anything that has a MIDI interface with this micro-invention of our own. Our hand moves, changes in the light or moisture in the air... Anything can turn into notes, and notes can turn into anything. You can get the chance to turn your imagined inventions into reality by attending this event with your regular pc and music software or your hardware that has a MIDI interface.

Melih Serhat Soyyiğit

Soyyiğit was born in Ereğli, Black Sea in 1984. He had an interest for music during high school and decided to pursue this path by coming to Istanbul as an undergraduate student. He completed his studies as a Forest Industry Engineer by focusing his dissertation on "The Making of the Marimba Instrument". Later on, he oriented himself to sound electronics by completing his education on "Sound Engineering" at the SAE Institute with a full scholarship. He started producing pedals for artists and creating diverse projects for events. He organized workshops in universities in order to boost the "Maker" movement in the music industry. Soyyiğit is currently also working in the live music sector.

Malik Enes Şafak

Şafak was born in Antalya in 1995. He completed his elementary and secondary education in the same city. He started his undergraduate studies at the Music Technologies Department at İnönü University in 2014. Throughout his studies, he taught his peers in student societies about computer architecture, electronic card conception and micro-controlling programming. He wrote Firmata softwares for Pure Data and Max/MSP. Şafak is currently continuing is studies at İnönü University and creating MIDI controllers and digital sound equipments/softwares.

* Participants are expected to bring their own laptops installed with music software or choice of hardware device equipped with MIDI interface.