Bercana Music / TR

  • Saturday 07 19:10 - 19:55


An Unexpected Collaboration

Monality is a LIVE electronic duo formed by Allen Hulsey and Erdem Tunalı. They combine Deep Tech and Ethnic Electronic Music with tonal and stylistic signature sounds. The unexpected collaboration resulted in an all original LIVE set composed of dance tracks. Their stage performance uses live vocals, electric guitar, synths, and instruments including (Fretless Guitar, Bağlama, Kanun, and Bowed Guitar).

Allen's performance and songwriting background began at Berklee College of Music before he moved to New York City. His travels brought him to Istanbul where he released an Acoustic/Blues 12" Vinyl from Noisiest Records. Erdem's electronic music production roots come from Royal Conservatory of The Hague in Amsterdam. He is also known for his bands POST and Subgreen as well as his many other production credits.