MarketLab: Toyi

  • Saturday 07 10:00 - 20:30

    +D Lounge by Digilogue

Toyi , Creative Play Kit

Participatory approaches and storytelling makes it easier for children express their experiences.

 We, as a Toyi, design play kits in order to help children gain basic knowledge and skills like problem solving and emotional expression through the therapeutic power of play.

We aim to widen the imagination and improve the creativity of children and help them become productive and confident individuals. We are searching ways to increase the level of interaction between children and improve their content so that they can organize workshops. We aim to improve the self expression skills of children and help them realize their creativeness and encourage them through low cost, qualified, and facilitative materials and/or readymade workshops.

Every person who has contributed to the enrichment of our world has two things in common: imagination and creativity. The most effective way to improve these values of children is through play.

We design creative play experience and play materials for the children to acquire playing habits. We believe the exploration drive, curiosity, creativity and imagination that children have whilst growing up should be encouraged.

Our creative play kit that inspires kids to invent their own toys. All that’s needed is imagination and Toyi. Children can use everything in their environment to create toys with play kit. The kit includes rubber wristbands and some tools for customization. To create a toy, you first pick an object or material (box, rock, bottle, paper towel roll etc.), then wrap it with rubber wristbands and customize it using other tools. 

It had been designed for simple, personal and affordable toys.

Ögeday Bio

I graduated from Istanbul University, department of Chinese language and literature in 2016, thinking "how hard Chinese could be?" A little entrepreneur inside me drove me from my first startup (which failed) in sophomore year to importing stuff from China. After working with children 3 years as a volunteer I decided to merge those areas and took a step into the world of social entrepreneurship with Toyi.

Elif Bio

Hi, I am Elif.

I graduated from the Industrial Design Department of Gazi University ,where i had started with the exciment of becoming a designer since i was in love with the industrial design that i had met in high school, in 2014. Through internships, workshops and projects I have participated in many different product design and production processes, from bus to white goods.. When ı was a student at college i spent two years as a volunteer at Tegv where i performed art workshops for children and during that time the creativity of children deeply affected me. As a result of these experiences i decided to work on the children field for my graduation project. I designed a toy system called toyi as my graduation project and i won the iF Design Award with this project which was a great motivation for what i wanted to do in the days to come.

After working 2 years as a product designer at a start up, i keep going with my own initiative. See: Toyi