MarketLab: Miles Responsibility

  • Saturday 07 10:00 - 20:30

    +D Lounge by Digilogue

Without a doubt, transportation is one of the areas that got affected the most by globalisation and technological advancement. Today, everybody can travel through clouds and within waves in many different possible ways and at the very short amount of time compared to how it used to be. Before only a quarter century ago, aviation was an extreme way of transportation for many of us, but now, for some people, it is the daily way of going to work. Aviation companies are also trying to come up with many different marketing solutions like reduced fares, surprise presents and complimentary food to make aviation an ideal way for transportation. One of these marketing benefits is the complementary flying miles. The guest receives a proportionate amount of complementary flying miles to use on the upcoming flight according to their ticket purchase. But these complementary miles usually gets expired because they cannot reach the amount to pay for a new flight ticket within a determined period. 

The application we designed comes into play right here. As we all know, there are thousands of kids in need of treatment from abroad but cannot afford to go overseas and therefore cannot be treated in the right way. With our application, guests of the airlines transfer these complementary miles they earn from the airlines into a shared pool of miles and these miles come together to cover a plane ticket for kids in need for treatment abroad. The only thing you need to do to help our kids receive the treatment they deserve without paying a dime is to buy your plane ticket through our application.

Muhammed Alperen Taşyürek

Muhammed Alperen Taşyürek is a İstanbul University Mechanical Engineering student. He participated in numerous contests with his project based on raising awareness of environmental mindedness in 2007. He became one of the co-founders of Turkey’s first 3D printing portal yapyaz.com in 2013. He volunteered for Karabük University Science Days event in 2014. He participated in Intelligence and Talent congress by Turkish Intelligence Foundation in 2015. He has been an actor in various aviation projects both of an international and national scale. He currently continues his studies at İstanbul Technical University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center.