MarketLab: KWORKS

  • Saturday 07 10:00 - 20:30

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KWORKS Endeavors

Koç University Entrepreneurship Studies Center, KWORKS ,  was initiated in November 2014 aiming to turn influencing ideas into sustainable enterprises and provide entrepreneurs with an innovation ecosystem for development . KWORKS seeks to transform the created knowledge influenced by Koç University’s vision into a benefit and value for the society. KWORKS operates as an accelerator for the commercialisation process with its resources and mentorship services. KWORKS team consists of 50 mentors alongside with an Executive Board of entrepreneurs and leading businesspeople, creating a dynamic atmosphere for knowledge to spread. KWORKS acts as a meeting point for entrepreneurs, investors and other shareholders of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, always aiming to spread entrepreneurship tradition in Turkey. 

KWORKS serves as a hub for entrepreneurs where they can build great businesses.

Codela / codela.io

Codela is a platform that digitalizes technical interviews for software developers and companies. Software developers are able to properly prepare for interviews by solving the applied coding questions on Codela. As for companies, their recruitment processes become more productive thanks to swifter and more objective evaluations.


Murat Sütunç



Ebru Türün



Nerde.co / nerde

Nerde.co is a venue scouting platform that allows users to find and book venues and events based on their location and moods.


Cem Narmanlı



Gamehub / gamehubofficial.com

GameHub is a cloud game platform that allows video gamers needing high systems to play games online via a browser without having to download it to their device.


Ömer Faruk Atıcı



Harun Baydoğan



Osman Buğra Öztürk



Hamdi Cem Karadaş



Others / othersapp.com

Others brings together people wishing to delegate their one-time or urgent tasks with college students desiring to make some extra money. In addition, Others provides project-based services to institutions and digital access to college students.


Samed Torun



Gizem Kaya



Paperstreet Co. / paperstreet.com.tr

Paperstreet Co. is marketplace that connects designers with their end-users in the vertical axis of paper design products. Thanks to Paperstreet Co., designers are able to provide their designs to customers easily without having to deal with their products' manufacturing processes, and customers are able to access a large range of designs at very affordable prices.


İpek Özbay



Ayşe Zeynep Özbay




Youthall / youthall.com

Youthall is a professional social network and new generation digital employer branding platform bringing together companies and college students. Companies are able to reach young talents by promoting their brands and students are matched with the appropriate postings based on the profiles they create.


Emre Aykan



Elis Yılmaz