Red Bull Music

Flava D

Butterz / UK

  • Saturday 07 00:40 - 02:25

    SonarLab by Red Bull Music

A Prolific Producer

Being one of the most prolific producers in the UK, Flava D is at the meeting point of House, UK Garage and Grime with salutations for her versatile productions coming from veterans like DJ EZ and frequent collaborator Wiley.

Bournemouth native Flava D’s outlook on her career seems somewhat simplistic: she likes to make music, consistently. And although there’s undoubtedly a whole lot more planning and thought that goes into the reasoning behind the timing and positioning of her releases, she’s preserved the purity of that vital enthusiasm.

As a core member of the Butterz record label she has toured extensively internationally across the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia winning over ravers with her energetic club sets.