Ethem Cem & Tiber Ergür & Enes Özenbaş & Cihangir Arslan


  • Friday 06 22:30 - 22:42


  • Saturday 07 03:00 - 03:12


synthesis / ethem cem & tiber ergür & enes özenbaş & cihangir arslan

Synthesis is a collaborative audio-visual performance which emphasizes relationship between part and whole.The idea behind it is that all the properties of a given system cannot be determined or explained by its component parts alone. Instead, the system as a whole determines in an important way how the parts behave.

Digital audio analysis are combined with computer generated graphics to experience audience an alternative representation of sound. Each artist in the collaboration, has visualized the sound, produced by the composer, with their own perception to make the pieces from another whole to emphasize Holism.  

Ethem Cem

Born in 1992, Ethem Cem is a visual artist based in İstanbul.After his architecture education in Vienna Technical University, he started to study visual communication design in İstanbul Bilgi University.He works with both physical and digital mediums, mainly focused on experimenting with new media, projection mapping and audio-visual performances gather around science by inspiring from nature.Recently, his works is focused on more mathematic,geometry and biology by using computational design to explore new possibilities and experiencing them in physical space.

Enes Özenbaş

Enes Özenbaş is a visual artist based in İstanbul. He was born in 1995 and studying visual communication design at Bilgi University. He has visual curiosity since childhood. He started his career as a digital sculptor and the process that begins with character design continues to expand. Visual curiosity pushed him into many branches of digital art. His works mostly focused on visual storytelling,concept design and experimental film making. Recent days, he is interested in creating a new visual language and providing emotional pressure. He is also curious about cinematography,virtual reality and writing.

Tiber Ergür 

Tiber Ergür is a visual artist born in 1992, based in Istanbul. He still studies visual communication design in istanbul bilgi university. his works are focused on different kind of medium such as new media, audio-visual performances, film titles and live action

Cihangir Arslan

Born in 1987, Cihangir Aslan is an electronic musician based in İstanbul. After studying Jazz Guitar at MMA, Galatasaray won ITM Sound Engineering and Music Production. During the school period, he focused on sound design and production. His later work was inspired by experimental, minimal and ethnic tunes. Finally, it focused on experiencing the physical environment by combining these studies with audio-visual performances.