AV Experience: Wormholes/İçlek by Oğuz Emre Bal

  • Saturday 07 10:00 - 20:30

    +D Lounge by Digilogue

İçlek Art Project is presenting the new ways of shifting reality through bodily experience. The project consists of three stages and it is aimed to connect the realities by superimposing them into each other.

The first reality is our conventional three-dimensional physical world. We experience and learn reality in this world since we were born and that’s why I choose to start my work form our reality. This part consists of independent 26 physical 3d printed sculptures. 

The second stage is embedding Augmented Reality (AR) into these sculptures, one by one. In our physical world, the technics and materials we use have limited opportunity and possibilities (because of our knowledge) on creating and experiencing transforming spaces. At this point, AR gives us the opportunity to expand our vision beyond our physical world. In this part of the work, AR shifts our abilities, and helps us to understand the hidden stories inside these opaque sculptures. This state of understanding removes the boundaries between the physical world and the virtual world by compounding it into a new reality. It helps the viewer to enter a new dimension. I believe that what shifts reality and our understanding is a new dimension.

The third stage of the project is Virtual Reality. In this reality, we completely break the bounds of the physical world and define new opportunities to the bodily experience by removing scale constraints. In this manner, we are able to experience art by associating it with our body. With this understanding state, our art experience is enhanced with this totally new world and it makes us enter a new dimension like Alice in the rabbit hole.