Talk: Destructive Innovation & 3D Printers with Doğukan Güngör - Sónar+D


  • Saturday 25 13:50 - 14:35

    Lounge+D Stage 2

Every innovation enters our life with ravage. As it destructs many things, it builds its own dynamics. Many concepts such as education, law, health, industry, economics and transportation has found itself a definition derived from this "destructive innovation". Güngör will present a platform of debate which will focus on what has changed and will changed in our lives with all these innovations. Doğukan Güngör was born in Istanbul in 1989. He graduated from the Department of Industrial Engineering in 2013. He has been working on platforms and projects that combine the dynamics of design, communication, marketing and technology since along with his master's education on Marketing Communication at Bilgi University. In 2015, he was among the founders of Onaranlar Kulübü, the social responsibility community that brings together everyone who wishes to communicate with the environment they live in, and 3Dörtgen, world's first 3D printer themed shop and café. He is still carrying out his duty as a Marketing Communication Manager at 3Dörtgen. 3Boyutlu Yazıcı Yerleştirme

A 3D printer installation will be done at Sonar+D, which combines the dynamics of music, creativity and technology. With 3 or 4 3D printers that are placed on gripping areas, production in harmony with the meaning and theme of the festival will go one throughout the day.