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Honest Jon's Records / UK

  • Friday 24 00:45 - 02:30

    SonarLab by Red Bull Music Academy

Shackleton's musical career started with Stalker, the single by Ian Hicks of Mordant Music, which would later be featured in the Best of 2004 selection of Rough Trade. In 2005, he founded his own label titled Skull Disco.

Stepping into the limelight with its musical and visual works, Skull Disco used percussion and deep bass to cover the experimental tones of techno. Creating a loyal fanbase in a short span of time, the record label became a phenomenon in the underground electronic music scene. Shackleton decided to close Skull Disco after the release of ten 12'' and continued his musical path with Three EPs, the album released on the Perlon Records label.

In 2010, London's renowned night club Fabric invited Shackleton to play one of his live sets and recorded it so that it would be released as a mix CD. After this record, which was a proof of how unconventional and experimental works of music could captivate the dance scene, the British DJ founded Honest Jon's Records with his long time collaborator Pinch.

The Drawbar Organ EPs/Music for the Quiet Hour record, which was released on the Woe To the Septic Heart label, entered more unconventional territories and marked a first for electronic music as it combined a single narrative divided into five pieces with American minimalism, avant drone and serialism.  

Most recently dominating the dance scene with his Deliverance trilogy, Shackleton continued to be a pioneer of electronic music with his collaborative works with singer/artist Ernesto Tomasini. Devotional Songs, the album which was released on July 2016 as a result of this collaboration, received huge success around the world.