Red Bull Music Academy presents

Prins Thomas (DJ Set)

Full Pupp/Internasjonal / NO

  • Friday 24 22:30 - 00:30

    SonarLab by Red Bull Music Academy

Prins Thomas, the Norwegian electronic music DJ and producer, is known both for his DJ set's that brings disco, house, minimal techno and jazz fusion together, and his collaborative work with Hans Peter Lindstrom. Their first album was named after their collaboration; Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, and was released on the Eskimo Recordings label in 2005. Continuing his career in music, which started with him playing the bass in a number of bands, Thomas was influenced by the reemergeence of disco music in the 90s and artists such as DJ Strangefruit, leading him to to successfully mix various genres such as Miles Davis and The Doors, experiments that were considered crazy at the time.

In time, his own Full Pupp label became a platform for new neo-disco sounds, featuring new artists such as Blackbelt Andersen and Todd Terje, as well as showcasing Thomas' own work; EPs such as Goettsching (2005) and Fehrara (2006), as well as studio albums. His other label Internasjonal, formed to bring artists and producers from all over the world together, released the debut album by Serbian DJ Nenad Markovic, Kayto. While working as a producer, he was not negligent on his own artistry. Paradise Goulash (2015), which proved to be the Norwegian's most eclectic work with mixes from artists as diverse as Gabor Szabo, Wally Badarou and Kurt Vile, was quickly followed this year by Toransu EP and Principe del Norte, which shines out with its ambient and minimalistic style. 2017 will mark the year in which we witness the experimental disco sounds of Oslo share the stage with Thomas at Sónar.