Presentation: Yaqui And The Surem By Jennifer İpekel - Sónar+D

  • Saturday 25 16:50 - 17:15

    Lounge+D Stage 2

The talking tree goes back to a time when the earth was becoming new. Yaqui and the Surem is an interactive theatrical band, an experiment that searches the musical conversation between human and nature.

Devorama is an interactive electronic device that records plant impulses and interactions when clipped onto a plant's leaves and roots. The machine reads electrical variations of the plants depending on the emotions experienced at the time turning these signals into a MIDI instrument.

Yaqui and the Surem will experiment the re-activity of the plants to their environment and their capacity to learn and communicate. Plants have sensitive variations when they signal the arrival of the people who care for them, when spoken to, during the creation of music, when being watered and more. Yaqui and the Surem, a diverse live band will communicate to nature and the nature will respond back. Hearing unpredictable sounds that we don't normally hear from the universe, from the world of plants and interacting with the cosmic sounds finding a language to interact with nature is the mission of the project