Presentation: Prof. Dr. Arda Eden - DIY-Based control interface designs intended for music applications - Sónar+D


  • Saturday 25 17:10 - 18:00

    Lounge+D Stage 1

Computer technology has granted a cheap and easy entry way to the music production process for everyone who is interested in music both as a hobby and professionally. Interfaces such as MIDI keyboards and breath controllers are inseparable from this process as tools that are intended for the realization of the musical performance. Purchasing these tools, which are produced by many firms, is undoubtedly possible within a certain budget. The emerge of Arduino and similar microcontroller based systems, as well as budget friendly computers such as Raspberry Pi, has enabled regular users to develop many DIY-based applications that do not require advanced technical knowledge. Used together, various sensors and microcontrollers that are cheap and easily accessible can be designed as interfaces that can control musical parameters by turning bodily movements and similar analog data into numbers. This workshop aims to share basic ideas and experiences regarding the means to design DIY-based interfaces that can control musical parameters using the aforementioned tools.  

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arda Eden is a part of Yıldız Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Art and Design Music & Performing Arts Department Sensory Design Main Science