Presentation: A Century of Zombie Sound AUDINT - Toby Heys, Patrick Defasten, and Steve Goodman a.k.a Kode-9

  • Saturday 25 16:00 - 16:45

    Lounge+D Stage 1

 This presentation takes for granted that, firstly, perceptible sound is only a subset of a broader vibrational continuum and secondly, that it encourages the conceptualisation of a third dimension between the real (what is known) and the imagined (the fictional or speculative). The book situates sound in this third dimension, as that which lurks in, alludes to, or exposes the darker aspects of death/ the afterlife/ non-presence/ and the otherworldly. We propose that an alternative analysis leads to the discovery of evidence that enriches the traditional approach to sound, by drawing out its connections to transmissions between the living and the dead: such as EVP and stone tape phenomena; warfare (such as the use of sonic weapons in recent US wars in the Middle East); lazarian economies (based on digitally re-vivified dead young African-American musicians as laser-lit holograms such as Tupac and ODB); alien life (such as the unexplained oceanic ‘bloop’ and Jupiter’s VLF radio emissions); morbid musical composition (such as Rilke’s theory of a ‘primal sound’ resulting from placing a phonograph needle onto the cracks of a human skull), and the sound of artificial intelligence such as the relationship between human and machine voice, from Turin’s vocal anomalies to the voice of Siri and Google’s new robots.