Performance: Rame - Acca - Sónar+D

  • Friday 24 22:00 - 22:45


Ancient Greeks had two words to define "time". One was "Kairos" which represented the qualitative and organic time and had a permanent nature. The other was "Kronos" that instead represented the artificial and quantitative time. Through the centuries, the first conception of time was lost and societies evolved experiencing and feeling a vital flow self-imposed. The video is a reflection on movement as the human visual key to mark time.
Using analog video feedback technique , Tosini points out what's the organic growth as opposed to figures and artificial compositions. Kairos is therefore represented by expansions of uncontrollable fractals if not in the input. The work is a reflective critique on our conception of time that is inexorably and infinitely surpassed and changed from the organic flow that moves life.
Francesco Tosini a.k.a Acca is a visual designer & artist born & raised in Milano. He began video-mapping and utilizing projection after working on various urban art projects with his artistic collective Turbosafary, exploring digital arts and large architectural surfaces. His artistic works is a non-stop flux of experimentation between digital and analog arts where both mingle and influence each other. Using analog equipment, his flow is a constant research based on visualizations of the intrinsic energy between organic growth and matter.