Monkeytown / DE

  • Saturday 25 23:30 - 00:45


Moderat, formed from the collaboration between Apparat and Modeselektor, two dominant representatives of Berlin's electronic scene, is a perfect fit for the dynamic structure and lively atmosphere of Sónar Istanbul! Nearing its 15th year, this project has succeeded in becoming one of the top acts in the electronic music scene with their records, videos, and extraordinary live performances.

The brainchild of Apparat (Sascha Ring), who wanders through techno and ambient beats, and Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert ve Sebastian Szary), the duo known for their experimental work influenced by a variety of genres from glitch and electro house to hip-hop, caused a stir in the electronic music scene on its debut, receiving critical acclaim from both fans and critics with their eponymous album in 2009. Their live performances which transform their music into  an incredible audiovisual experience were also  awarded on two seperate occasions in 2010. This recognition was followed by the release of II in 2013 and III this year, both establishing their place among the most successful records of their time.

Working with the Berlin-based design collective Pfanderei in music videos and live shows, Moderat has proven the potential of creativity from this collaboration with productions such as Bad Kingdom and Reminder. Most recently having released the album Live, a recording of their live performance in Berlin's Velodrom which was sold-out within minutes, the trio will carry their momentum to the stage of Sónar Istanbul  as they once again come together with the Istanbul audience!