Red Bull Music Academy presents


Boomarm Nation / Tektosag / TR

  • Saturday 25 20:00 - 20:45

    SonarLab by Red Bull Music Academy

Kerem Sevinçli, who is currently known with his project titled İskeletor, has been familiar with music since a very young age. He was the son of a drummer and started playing with synth & drums even when he was little. He went on to turn that experimental spirit into a professional career. Sevinçli also runs a record studio in Istanbul, making a name for himself in the city scene with his sets that involve experimental sounds and unique rhythms. Having started to work with Boomarm Nation in 2015 after releasing his debut EP on the Tektosag label in 2013, he released a 7-inch from the Portland based label. Representing Turkey in Red Bull Music Academy 2015, İskeletor joined the workshops of esteemed names such as Tony Allen and Laurie Anderson, becoming involved in a productive process that would prove to be critical in his career.