• Saturday 25 18:00 - 18:45

    SonarLab by Red Bull Music Academy

Born and raised in Ankara, the musician/artist İpek Görgün received her MA degree in Philosophy in Galatasaray University with her dissertation on Heidegger after completing her undergraduate studies in the Political Science Department of Bilkent University. She is currently carrying on her PhD studies in ITU MIAM - Center For Advanced Music Studies, Sonic Arts program.
Having participated in the Red Bull Music Academy in 2014, Görgün accompanied Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda in his experimental project Pattern no:6. She appeared in music projects such as Bedroomdrunk and Vector Hugo with her bass and vocals, releasing two EPs titled This is What Happened (2003) and Raw (2007) with Bedroomdrunk. She also shared the stage with David Brown of Brazzaville.
Having composed the music of Mrs. His Name (2012), Hande Çayır's documentary which explores the struggle of women who do not wish to claim the names of their husband when they get married, İpek Görgün self-released her debut solo album Aphelion in 2016. İpek Görgün also works as a performance, street artist and abstract photographer. After appearing as a photographer for Istanbul Art Fair in 2013, she won an Honorable Mention Award from IPA with her project titled Bubblegun Daydreamer.