Tatemae / UK

  • Saturday 25 21:00 - 22:30


The astutely named Honne (the moniker comes from a Japanese term meaning "Real Intentions" or "True Feelings") have paved their way towards Sónar İstanbul with their electronic soul melodies. The duo consists of James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck, two artists who have embraced soul and synth in equal proportion in this project.

Starting out with inspiration from Al Green and Bill Withers, Honne released their first two EPs titled Warm on a Cold Night and All in the Value in 2014 on the Super Recordings label. The duo formed Tatemae Recordings in 2015 and released the two EPs that followed; Coastal Love and Over Lover on their own label. Their debut studio album Warm on a Cold Night, which had the same name as the first EP, came quickly after Gone After the Days EP in 2016 and was once again released on Tatemae. The Japanese characters on the cover of the album showed aesthetic beauty, as well as coherence with the philosophy of the band.

Having received huge success in many venues and festivals around Europe with its touring crew that consists of Naomi Scarlett on backing vocals, Duayne Sanford on the drums, Amadu Koroma on the bass and sound engineer Johnny Silveira; Honne is ready to carry its electronic soul melodies to Sónar İstanbul!