Red Bull Music Academy presents

Helena Hauff

Ninja tune / Werkdiscs / DE

  • Saturday 25 01:45 - 03:45

    SonarLab by Red Bull Music Academy

Having started her career as a DJ with her acid house, EBM/industrial and electro sets in the Hamburg based Golden Pudel Club, Helena Hauff made quite a name for herself with the night she hosted called Birds and Other Instruments. Preferring analog instruments in her music, Hauff redefined techno and electro with her records done in one take. She came across the music of artists such as The Cure and Karlheinz Stockhausen at a young age, having the chance to work with prestigious labels such as Werkdiscs, Ninja Tune, PAN and Blackest Ever Black throughout her career.

Having released her first EP Actio Reactio on Actress' Werkdiscs label in 2013, Helena Hauff went on with her works for Black Sites, her project with fellow Golden Pudel DJ F#x. As Black Sites released its EP titled Prototype on Bill Kouligas' label Pan, Hauff continued her collaborative work by joining Hypnobeat, James Dean Brown's project which produces analog experimental works on techno/industrial since 1983.

In 2014, the Hamburg based DJ released two 12''s; Shatter Cone and Return to Disorder, on Lux Rec and Panzerkreuz Records labels respectively. She also released a split EP Andreas Gehm and two more records with Black Sites, maintaining her productivity. The Texas based record label Hand Made Birds released an album titled A Tape in 2015, which consisted of Hauff's experimental works recorded on tape. Lex Tertia, another EP of Hauff which has a close sound to Actio Reactio, was released in the same year on the Werkdiscs label.

Having released her debut studio album Discreet Desires once again on the Werkdiscs label in 2015, Helena Hauff maintained the sound of her previous work but made it evolve into a slightly more melodic electro.