Warp / UK

  • Saturday 25 20:45 - 21:45


Organic synthesizers,  a vivid bass sound, computer-based samples... These three elements form the multi-layered experimental electronic music of Clark, the British producer who will take the stage at Sónar Istanbul.

Starting a promising career on WARP Records with his debut album Clarence Park (2001) in which he used his real name Chris Clark, Clark released the Ceramics is the Bomb EP in 2003. Clark's real breakthrough came with his album Empty the Bones of You, which was released in the same year. Dropping his first name for all his next releases, this album, which was defined as one of the most original records to contain the organic electronic music sound of its time, Clark released Body Riddle in 2006, Turning Dragon in 2008, and Totems Flare in 2009.

Iradelphic (2012) was one of the most distinguished records of Clark's career. The album was recorded with great effort in different places and featured Bibio, Clark's friend from WARP Records, as a guest artist. This album was followed by The Iradelphic Sessions, the downloadable online series, and Fantasm Planes EP.

Following the success of Fantasm Planes EP, Clark composed the music for Tilted Fawn, a dance project performed at Syndey Opera House. Feast/Beast, which featured remixes of Massive Attack, Bibio, Depeche Mode and HEALTH, was released in 2013.

2014 marked the year in which Clark presented his self-titled album which featured more elements of dance music compared to his previous records. The self-titled album, which was defined as one of the best albums of 2014, was followed by Flame Rave EP in 2015. Clark most recently composed the score of the TV series The Last Panthers, which also has a theme song by David Bowie. The music fromthe series was released on the WARP Records label on March 2016.